Mar, our CEO, grew up on her in a farm in the verdant, bio-diverse coffee-growing region of Colombia, surrounded by many animals and over 15 dogs. Her family businesses were centered around agro-industrial activities, with production and dehydrating facilities to produce animal feed using non-conventional raw materials. It was here that Mar gained knowledge, experience and exposure to the realities and impacts of conventional protein production but also the possibilities of re-imagining food production using innovative sources.


When her cousin, a biologist, started producing BSFL on the farm and introduced her to the remarkable insect, she learned about the impressive attributes of the insect and became intrigued by the idea of using it in pet food. She decided to pursue an MBA at UC Berkeley in California to gain exposure to the food & tech disruptions being gestated in the Bay Area and came fully dedicated to bring her idea to life.

Farm where our Colombian co-founder first worked with the amazing Black Soldier Fly


The Super Team at the STep prize ceremony

At UC Berkeley, Mar found two female co-founders with a shared a vision for a regenerative future, a love of dogs and the firm believe that consumers deserve innovative products that reshape current food systems. SuperPetfoods turned into a dynamic and committed team who proved their ability to succeed from an early stage. Gina Myers is a trained chef, as well as a bio-engineer with extensive culinary, scientific and leadership experience. Thais Esteves, a former BCG consultant is highly skilled in business development and finance, and understands the reality of the startup landscape.

From there, they’ve grown this vision into SuperPetfoods, which has gained substantial traction since it's inception. The team has participated in pre-incubators, accelerators, contests and continues to work hard in validating the scalability and viability of the business... The team won’t stop until they bring their vision of a regenerative pet food industry to reality.



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